Later this year, the next phase of World of Warcraft kicks off

  • One month after World of Warcraft went live, many of the most stubborn players have reached level 60, and they have eliminated the two endgame raids Molten Core and Onyxia. Blizzard said that the new elements in Classic, such as new dungeons, team copies and PVP functions, will be released in six main stages. At present, there is no certainty when these updates will be released.

    "Layering" is one of the biggest obstacles to the second phase. On the first day, this new system helped World of Warcraft Classic players survive the storm. In order to disperse the population, a given server divides players into different copies of the same world with the help of stratification. In this way, everyone will be in a different area, dealing with many times the normal number of players.

    This World of Warcraft Classic Gold will not be a long-term stratification phenomenon. Hazzikostas said that world bosses like Kazzak and Azuregos are among the new features introduced in Phase 2. Only one version at a time is the opinion of these bosses. If you want to turn these enemies into loot more easily, you can take a layered approach.

    On the "classic" forum, the community manager Kaivax posted that it has been reduced to only two floors, which is characteristic of most populated servers, and of course, 13 are permanently locked on the first floor. This is good because everyone is scattered on all levels, so players will feel like a ghost town when they start. It's different now, now it's like a bustling social center.

    The second stage will be closer to start when each server is downgraded to the second tier. This is great news for everyone. In addition to providing Dire Maul dungeons for veterans, the second stage will also attract powerful new world bosses. If players do not reach the highest level, they will look forward to the new honor system. If they kill the enemy, the system will reward them.

    Although the news of the layering and the second phase is very exciting, they are only part of my interview with World of Warcraft Classic. Players said that when they first enter the game, they feel a little at a loss. So they have been relying on completing tasks in the game to get the WOW Classic Gold they need. Now I think the website can meet their needs.