World of Warcraft Classic content leak

  • Currently, World of Warcraft Classic players are studying the final content of the vanilla game experience. Blizzard introduced the Naxxramas raid and other lingering updates to World of Warcraft Classic in the past month. Players are looking forward to the next thing. "Burning Crusade" is the first expansion of World of Warcraft, and it is an inevitable result.

    Staysafe TV, the content creator of Youtuber and World of Warcraft, provided details of the leaks they have seen in one of their most recent videos. First, they discovered this information in the WOW Classic Gold World of Warcraft Classic forum. The method of running this information is also running through a "very trusted source". These details are also confirmed in the process.

    Staysafe TV also explained it in more detail. The updated Beta version of The Burning Crusade is already in Blizzard's plan. In mid-February, the beta version will go live. On April 13, the pre-patch will be online. Then came the comprehensive expansion phase.

    This looks very realistic indeed. Blizzard's existing plan for BlizzCon is consistent with this. This year, the Blizzard Carnival will be held online. On February 19th, this event will officially begin. The Staysafe leak also makes The Burning Crusade beta start soon after BlizzCon.

    In a period of time, The Burning Crusade will enter World of Warcraft Classic. In addition, Blizzard can reset the current server, and players can experience the basic game again.

    It is also possible that everything now is just a speculation. Staysafe TV is not necessarily so reliable, let alone leaks are not so convincing. But this does not mean it is unrealistic. World of Warcraft Classic will soon discover the truth less than two months before BlizzCon. Players need the support of WOW Classic Gold in this game. So they want to find a safe and reliable method, that is, to log in to the website and click to buy.