Legendary Thunderfury acquired in World of Warcraft Classic

  • The most popular item in World of Warcraft Classic is Thunderfury, the blessing blade of the WOW Classic Gold Windrager. Just yesterday, on Twitch, the top streamer of World of Warcraft finally completed its required task chain.

    If players want to get Thunderfury, it's actually not that difficult. It's just that the rare items they need will be a bit surprising. Players get left and right "Windrunner's Binding" is the first part of the chain requirement.

    Assault on the Molten Core is the only way to Buy WOW Classic Gold obtain these two items. Any given role can only be done once a week. From there, these items can be dropped from Baron Geddon and Garr with a 3% chance.

    For the binding of Baron Geddon, Asmongold can be obtained relatively early in Classic. High hopes are placed in this pair of ribbons, and Thunderfury can be quickly obtained. In his video stream, even if a long time has passed, Garr's remaining restraints will not disappear.

    Asmongold said that for his show, robbing Garr every week is very valuable. Yesterday's achievements are also more satisfying because of his continuous flaws.

    It serves as a way to try the ratings every week. If the final binding force drops, after he gets "Thunderfury", he will give away 500 subscriptions.

    Initially, Asmongold encountered some technical difficulties in order to make subscription streaming live broadcast. What they need to solve is the problem of large amounts of funds required to fund 500 subscribers with subscriptions. Part of the payment will enter his channel, he can recover most of the money, and his debit card did not allow this to happen at the beginning.

    Some of the verification process on his bank account was messed up, after which Asmon gave him his chat gift to celebrate this achievement. In this game, if the players are eager to win. I think they will need the cheap WOW Classic Gold from the safe and reliable MMOWTS.