Their expectations for World of Warcraft Classic

  • When World of Warcraft Classic was first released in August 2019, players seemed to have gained some insights from the past. This game has reached the second half of the original content release schedule. At the end of this month, Phase 5 of Phase 6 will be released. Now is the perfect time to re-release the future burning expedition of Classic.

    Blizzard's survey of how many people are willing to stay on Classic or migrate to "The Burning Crusade" is the main purpose of this survey. "Burning Crusade" will be the most obvious choice, this is the most obvious. Some of the most stubborn fans of games are looking forward to re-experiencing classic games in ten years, and they are also very patient.

    This is not an easy problem for Blizzard, because many players have already left the Burning Crusade. Some people who wish to maintain the classic status move to only a few servers. The reason why he cannot maintain the WOW Classic Gold economy is that the population is too small. Compared with what we have now, they are still very similar.

    Their temporary shelving of the server cannot handle everyone's ideas. In the Cheap WOW Classic Gold limited space of Outland, many players are here because it is smaller than the original map in the classic game, and more resources and mobs will be competed by players in the game. Implementing heavy layering is the most obvious solution, and now this is the method that most communities don't like because it deprives the real feel of the original game.

    Blizzard wanted to clarify something. Blizzard said that today's medium-sized servers have four times the number of players than the busiest servers since 2004, which is one of the most interesting things about Classic. We need help very much in the game because we have just come into contact with this game. On MMOWTS, players can buy many cheap WOW Classic Gold.