The World of Warcraft Classic raid team defeated Onyxia Lair

  • If you play games in the game for a long time, then you can give full play to your creativity. Recently, a World of Warcraft raid team defeated Onyxia in World of Warcraft Classic without any equipment. They won in the game. This team has completed the raid on the Onyxia lair in World of Warcraft Classic. They also surpassed the previous time.

    On Reddit, a raid member of the team had all the information to explain how they did it. Their team was at the expense of multiple punches, including more mages and an additional Doom. The Warcraft raid team did most of the raids without relying on the flask. But only four were used. You can see all the glory of the commando here.

    The World of Warcraft Classic Gold World of Warcraft Classic Onyxia Lair was a 40-person raid and one of the shortest raids. You now need to fight his nominal boss. You met again with World of Warcraft Classic last year, and they need to have the Drakefire amulet before they can try it.

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