Complexity Limit won the victory in Nasriyari, the first castle

  • This awareness does not mean that there is no pain. A week later, "Complex Limits" killed the father of the myth, Dinatrius, and won the raid on Nasria Castle in World of Warcraft.

    Limit maintained the lead throughout the game with less than 10 owners. In this event, they killed the world's first leader six times, including the last three leaders of the instance, including Slajidev, General Stone Legion, and Cire Dinatrius.

    The biggest competition Limit in Nathria Castle is from the new European guild Echo. When MethodJosh, an assailant in an organization, made allegations of misconduct, the Method assailant team had left the organization this year.

    Until December, the European guild entered the castle of Nasria. For the server reset time in North America, as long as they can kill Mythic Boss, they will definitely try to catch up with them.

    Limit has already seen its own advantage decline on the World of Warcraft Classic Gold third and fourth days of the game. During this time, their progress on bosses such as Sludgefist and Stone Legion General has been blocked by bugs. When they encountered the Sludgefist bug, they used various methods to surpass the mythical attack. For General Stone Army, they were not so lucky.

    After many attempts by Limit, the boss's health has been reduced to below 5%. After the weekly reset, Echo violently attacked the boss. Denathrius has done his best to make Limit finally reach the deal.

    RWF has won the "complexity limit" award twice in a row. The WOW Classic Gold For Sale European powerhouse method dominated the attack scene before winning. They paved the way for the popular
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