Blizzard banned the Black Lotus Mafia in World of Warcraft in a

  • In 2019, after the release of World of Warcraft Classic, it is a fascinating observation on how players can break through various ways of solving problems from leveling to endgame raids and economics. After players play Classic in 2020, the community is very aware of the value of certain final game items. So this also caused a small number of players to do their best to seize the black lotus herb market. This phenomenon has also undergone extreme tests for a long time. Blizzard also provides better solutions for tactics and manipulation of auction houses.

    The rarest rare plant in World of Warcraft Classic is the black lotus herb, which can be used to make the most powerful flask in the game. This includes the wisdom of distillation, supreme power, Titan's flask and color resistance.

    These types of players spend a lot of time to ensure that most Black Lotus can only harvest between each other. A few people can supply most of the herbs, and these participants will buy the remaining herbs on the auction house that they might miss in order to ensure full control of the supply.

    They think that robots are mainly used to collect nodes, which is a common misunderstanding. This WOW Classic Gold For Sale also caused Blizzard to not want to make any changes at first. In fact, to some extent, this is more reasonable. According to Classic's terms of service agreement, players are free to do whatever they want, and they can also harvest materials to auction houses, which is perfect.

    In order to make Classic as close to the original experience as possible, Blizzard solved this problem in a way that benefits most players, which seems very wise. There is a price to pay in order to win the rule of the WOW Classic Gold entire market. In the game, players will encounter a lot of problems more or less, so these need to be resolved. I think they may need to buy cheap WOW Classic Gold on a reliable website called MMOWTS.