A discord bot constructed to help your Eve Echoes community

  • I guess that illuminates exactly what I commented earlier on the cap being over 1k...1200 isn't a huge increase, but eve echoes isk glad to see they are working on it. It does not do any good if the game turns into a slide show and people always disconnect. I was just in a fight with ~400 and that I couldn't target or shoot anything because the game was running so slow...

    Hey! It would be been so cool minus the huge lag and match crashing. Made the battle unplayable. My boat would warp away from the fleet and then come back.It was an honour for me to become a part of this.And that is why Time dilation is coming to echoes.What is your Corp title? I'd love to combine you!Pretty sure this is the Genesis Federation Alliance in blue here.Thats right, with other supporting fleets. Querious Coalition was the mind of surgery, gen fed was an ally, it wasn't their struggle however.

    A discord bot constructed to help your Eve Echoes community.Invite link which includes some direction permissions to enable additional features to help with handling your Discord Eve Echoes community. I have a lot of ideas for what will make o7 even better, and here are just a few of these. If you have ideas of your own you want to see implemented come let me know about discord.Corporation applications & role management.Player skill level storage & automated program to blueprints you search.Skill training period calculator.Added a link with the minimal permissions requires for your Blueprints, Market Prices, and other overall Eve Echoes information functionality.Update!

    Exactly what permissions are actually needed? It is asking me for basically all of them. Also, can it be possible to provide it scoped entry to only a station? Thank you for making this!For Blueprints & Market data you only need to give it all read and send messages. The bot has some other attributes, both accessible and in development, like setting roles for individuals and performing some recruiting automation which is why it is asking for additional permissions.You can set it to certain channels by providing the bot permissions to read and send messages to just the channels you would like.

    How can I put it to read just 1 channel? How do I edit bot permissions?You'll notice a role'o7' was created automatically whenever the bot joined your server. The bot will only be able to react to orders in a station it can read messages from.Create a brand new role, set permissions for cheap eve isk that role, give bot said function, make sure this function is not overrode by any others.