I have been powerslaying for RuneScape

  • Well I have been powerslaying for RuneScape gold the past few levels but I definately feel like I could improve. I am aware there are some expert powerslayers on the market, so hoping you'll come across this topic. For multi-combat tasks do you recommend Unicorn, Titan or Struggling recognizable? Obviously fighting recognizable will make my tasks go faster, and Uni will save me food (I'm only 75 defence) and Titan is pretty much a hybrid of the two. Can you say it is much more cost efficient to utilize Soul Split to Heal or even a recovery familiar? What's the ideal fighting recognizable up to 89 summoning (preferably that doesn't give defence xp)?

    (I use jagged rapier) What tasks should I've blocked? I now have Wyverns, Terror Dogs, Aquanites, Black demons and Living Rocks (strongly contemplating unblocking the previous 2). Are there any tasks aside from ice wyrms that are easier to Mage than Melee? (steel drags for example). FWI: I do not really shield on a lot of tasks, I simply utilize Spirit Split/Familiars to heal. Any other tips would be appreciated.

    Currently I'm working on finishing all diaries around hard, and elite for seers. Because of this I have a couple questions. The seers hard diary is the only one that I don't possess the levels for, but I have them for the elite one (don't laugh) 1/ Firemaking (75 needed) is one of these and it is a skill I absolutely despise, is there a way to raise your own firemaking levels so I don't need to train it and just how high is that increase. Also for this does an invisible boost from the Ibis count towards to ability in order to fish bees or do you want the level to be observable? I think that it will not work but I would love to ensure. 4/ skeletel wyverns: Does an extreme anti fire work to protect you out of their attack or do I still need my dfs? (had them blocked already since before the herblore upgrade )

    For level boosts I'm not going to utilize Evil Dave's stew of despair, it is too unreliable, spent over 30 spices after to receive a couple of smithing levels and didn't get it then. If you have some other suggestions for the achievement diaries do inform, I already completed Lumby, Varrock and Karamja up to hard and started fally one.

    I am f2p atm, but I am already planning what I'll do once I catch p2p, and my 2 for-fun things (to cool ) will be castle wars and metallic dragons. Castle wars cuz I actually need a halo. Metals just because I still stand a chance of getting a visage. So, I understand the equipment I need already, and buy rs3 gold how to avoid taking damage. Alternatives I am considering: Fire bolts (less fun or quickly ). Fire wave (quickly, not enjoyable ). Claws of Guthix + cost (such as lolz, enjoyable, quick, expensive)