These are my runescape stats

  • So my aim is to take one of RuneScape gold those gathering skills (Fishing or Woodcutting), becoming that to 99, and then use all the resources from attaining this to reach level 99 in its own associated skill (Cooking or Flething). The place where I want input/advice is in which combination is usually favored, in terms of fun, time, moneymaking, and the overall better experience.

    In the moment I have made a few friends fishing, which is something that rarely occurs in woodcutting (However there's been one buddy who I chat with even after my long break). I also find fishing to be laid-back, relaxing, and exceptionally welcoming. Becoming sick lately I have discovered during woodcutting, the noise of the axe chopping the trees is rudely annoying, the trees drop considerably faster, and competing for trees has become a tiresome chore. Please do not let my present opinion on those skills influence your position on them.

    Seeing Skillcapes: I really like the fishing and fletching capes. 1 day I will hope to get lots of 99s, but for today. Two is adequate. The woodcutting cape isn't as exciting as the bright blue of the fishing cape, but I give the fletching cape a slight edge over the shadow of the cooking cape. However, wearing a chef's hat with all the cooking cape, performing the emote is highly enjoyable. I understand the capes shouldn't matter, but after all, it is a indication of all of your hard work, right? And that hard work must appeal to its laborer.

    This ribbon is as much of a survey as it a suggestions/advice column, and any positive input is welcome. This will be my very first post as I am brand new to these forums, but not to forums generally, and not MMOs generally. I've played many others, most extensively being a smaller MMORPG named Phantasy Star Universe, for those who have heard of it. I wish to know you all very well, and allow my sojourn on these forums become a memorable and fun experience.

    These are my runescape stats, and I'm calling for help because I'm in need of something fresh to train my different skills with. Be it mining or magic, I want to try new procedures, and I wanted to find out what other runescape players employed, so does anyone out there have special methods they used to become successful? (If this pic didn't appear, scroll to old school rs gold the bottom to view my stats)