That's so much time to relish PSO2

  • The same is applicable to PSO2 Meseta collaborations like the Final Fantasy XIV collaboration with Odin (which exists as far as I know) where I do not understand how much Square Enix is involved in that for Sega to be able to upgrade assets there. If it was only just Phantasy Star-related things (such as character outfits, cameos from other games, or other Sega-related possessions ) I could imagine that this probably would have been done, or would be carried out. But in the Global variant we don't have the presence of Cougar NX so that I do not know if there are other complications regarding Sega's own properties that might also contribute not to updating everything they can within reason.

    I can envision that likely out there we will still see somebody wearing those older collaboration things even when they aren't rigged up to the very same standards as new makeup in a similar way and that there surely would have been outrage when it had been made unusable or obsolete. Collabs that have experienced their cosmetics removed nevertheless have their assets exist on the game so those will probably still be available for jp players.

    Only improvements we'll probably see is the brand new engine enhancing shadows, reflections, colors, particle effects and projecting them from the drapes. You can take a look how just implementing better shadows and colours can improve old equipment by checking ReShade screenshots. Collabs who have experienced their makeup removed nevertheless have their assets exist on the game so those will likely still be accessible for jp players. Only improvements we will probably see is the new engine improving shadows, shadows, colors, particle effects and projecting them from your outfits. You may have a look how exactly implementing better shadows and colors can improve old equipment by assessing ReShade screenshots.

    I don't know this sort of mentality. Can you play with these game since they're fun to playwith? Or would you play them with the idea that it's only"worthwhile" if those 100s of hours have been carried over like it's some type of investment? I read things on the web like this all the time and it is so strange to me. It's a brand new game that brings new experiences to be enjoyed. NG being declared doesn't somehow negate the pleasure of currently playing PSO2. NG is slated to emerge in 2021, which could be over a year from now. That's so much time to relish PSO2.

    Ummm we only got the game in NA a number of us didn't play on JPN servers this whole time and now we're being told any progress we make in the version we just got is going to be for nothing if you would like to play the new game. Some people are also spending some cash in this type of the game. They need to have just never published this present variant in NA and waited until 2021 with this particular one. I would have never even begun playing if I knew a brand new version of a live service game was coming out. They seriously take one step forward and 2 steps back all the time and it's frustrating. The entire life cycle for NA is starting so it will not make sense at all. Unless this game is similar to a single player experience, then it would make sense. What is the purpose of pso2 sales this game? This is key information.