A brand new ability on RuneScape has been published

  • I would add the upcoming few lines but RuneScape gold any fool could tell you exactly what the conversation box seemed like after those first couple of lines *racist remark, smiley, racist comment,"lol", smiley* Well then so here I was getting beaten up verbally by your friendly runescape neighbourhood klan. Along with a level 132 joins. Due to my wimpy character *as a more black mark will probly perma ban my accounts * Id usually bail from conversdations at around this stage.

    The level 132 declares he understands an all black folks clan! "I'll move all blacky chan up in yo asses" Subsequently the shizzle actually hits the fan cause by then other slayers from the dungeon are shooting interest and taking sides. There were about 8 of us from the dungeon at the time and every1 except for a lone level 116 took sides and began breaking rules yelling racist stuff and creating the r.s chat box look like a script written by 50cent. Every one ignore the level 116 who hadnt said a word.

    Two minutes after various passerby and world hoppers were added to the fray. Just another 5 minutes and a few people from the level 132s" all black clan" started to show up. I mean that was just like jerry springer on steroids, in runescape! It was a complete out black versus white verbal assult! By the time surgery ruin each other verbally was at its peak there were about 17 people in the dungeon. Recorded here we were racist and spamming the chat box when the level 116 speaks.

    "... wow" thats all it took in a matter of seconds the chamber was vacant. Why was? .... At the sight of the silver crown half of the room was filled with blue and red ribbons as people teleported and simply logged. After a good chat with mr mod he explained that I wasnt among the men and women who'd be getting fine messages from jagex and black marks. I wasnt at fault. Anyways that was my runescape drama for the afternoon haha tell me what you believe. (p.s I got any of it on vid so that I might add to youtube later.)

    It has been known for months - a new ability on RuneScape has been released this year. Millions of gamers have theorized, thousands of threads have been created, and here I stand, writing a post about the new skill. Am I late? Outdated? Ready for a new pair of pink slippers? In the latest Q&A thread, Jagex answered a great deal of questions regarding the new skill. Though Jagex is notorious because of their obscure and non-revealing replies, we could subtract a few criteria from their answers. With these standards, we might have the ability to ascertain what type of skill it is going to be. Since no one really seems to buy rs3 gold know what the new skill is about yet, this could prove useful.