Bottle Blowing Machine Functions and Features

  • The global Bottle Machine manufacturers are now focusing on incorporating new technologies in the machine. They are replacing semi-automatic bottle blowing machines with automatic bottle blowing machine that have enhanced features, which further eliminates the possibility of errors caused due to machine inaccuracy. Machinery manufacturers are moving forward and offering features such as remote services, machine simulation, and data acquisition.

    The blanking system is a system for ordering and moving PET bottles from disordered to orderly. The preforms fall into the guide rails from the hopper under the action of the hoist. Due to the shape of the preforms, the preforms are oriented toward the tail. Upper, the head is facing downward, and sliding forward under the action of its own gravity, and part of the preform that fails to fall into the guide rail is returned to the hopper through the recovery conveyor belt under the action of the kicking device. In this way, the remaining preforms in the guide rail are arranged in an orderly manner and enter the heating system under the action of their own gravity.

    bottle blowing machine Functions and Features:

    1) The bottle blowing machine is adopting single cylinder to open and clamp the mould quickly and synchronously, with mechanical double elbow bending optimal design of clamping unit, then the clamping force is big and speed is fast.

    2) The bottle blowing machine adopt high pressure type boost pneumatic mould clamping, then it can avoid the problem of spew line is thick effectively.

    3) The bottle blowing machine adopt compact design which can save space and transportation cost.

    4) The bottle blowing machine is adopting rigid construction sealing, which is not easy to damage and with good leakproofness.

    5) Most parts are universal standard parts, such as chain, cylinder and etc. then it can ensure equipment’s reliability and it is easy to change with low maintenance cost.

    6) The machine is small with low investment, safety lock system for the blow molding system, ensure safety operating.

    7) Adopting modular design, and machine structure is easy and reasonable, then it is also easy to change with low maintenance cost.

    8) Power supply of bottle blowing machine: 3phase,380/220V, 50/60HZ

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